Personal Accidents and Health Insurance in Brazil

In Brazil, Personal accidents and health insurance are considered as crucial for protection of individuals and families. Personal accidents insurance gives coverage in happenings of unintentional injury or death, involves benefits like Medication, disability revenue and sudden death. On the other side, health insurance provides a broad range of medical costs involving hospitalization check-ups, diagnosis diseases, and surgeries. In Brazil health insurance usually given by Private insurance companies or through employers. The public health care system named as SUS, also gives free of cost healthcare to all Brazilians, along with waiting period and limited sources.

Having personal accident and health insurance can assist individuals in financial burden due to high medical costs. Individual can choose the level of coverage according to their preference and budget. Many employers gives health insurance as a profit tool to their employees.

Brazilian government gives free healthcare through public healthcare system named as Unified Health System (SUS). SUS gives a broad range of coverage for certain regions with special care. However the quality of coverage is totally different and many Brazilian tends to buy private health insurance to make sure they get special care and approach to broad range of medical services.  In Brazil, health insurance is structured by National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS). There are different kinds of health insurance plans involving individual plans, family plans, and group plans that can be given by employers. The treatment and costs of these plans can change and depends upon provider and quality level of coverage.

Private health insurance plans in Brazil usually gives wide-ranging coverage than public plans, involving coverage for hospitalization, surgeries and tests. But they can be more expensive and may in need of medical prescription of exiting situations.

Personal Accident Insurance in Brazil

Personal accident insurance in Brazil is a kind of policy that gives coverage in case of accidents, injuries and death. It is archetypally bought as impartial policy or as an enhancement to health insurance. The coverage through this policy involves all accidents including on and off the job. Some personal accidental insurance policies also gives some extra benefits such as compensation for conveyance expenses or treatment of permanent or short disability in case of any accident. In some cases, this kind of policy also gives profit in terms of death. These insurance paid out to policyholder’s recipients to assist costs related to memorial expenses and other financial burden.

Personal accident insurance in Brazil Benefits

Personal accident insurance in Brazil gives broad range of benefits to policy taker In case of Injury. Some of the benefits are given below:

  • Loss of limb coverage: some personal accident insurance policies gives coverage for losing limb or permanent rupturing in case of any accident.
  • Reintegration coverage: upon the policy, personal accident insurance may take the expenses of physical therapy to assist the individual to get recovery form that wound.
  • Death assistances: in case of severe accidents, personal accident insurance policies gives payment the recipient in case of death in an accident.
  • Medical expenses: personal accident insurance policies cover all costs of medication in case of accident.
  • Loss of income coverage: if the recipient miss work due to accident then personal accident insurance give reimbursement to cover missing income.
  • Dental and Vision coverage: some personal accident insurance policies in Brazil give treatment for dental or vision costs in case of any accident.
  • Education grant: if the insured person becomes incapacitated permanently or dies due to accident, their children would be authorized for education grant.
  • Daily hospitalization budget: if the recipient is hospitalized because of an accident, they will get allowance to meet all expenses.
  • Expulsion benefit: if the recipient meet with death or suffer from any disability during travelling to other country, then insurance provider will cover all costs for repatriation of recipient to returning to home country.
  • Customizable coverage: personal accident insurance policies in Brazil can be accustomed to meet the specific requirements of recipient. This means that recipient can select level of coverage they need and policy according to preferred lifestyle.
  • No medical examination needed: personal accident insurance in Brazil don’t need the recipient to experience medical examination before gaining any treatment.

Personal Accident Insurance in Brazil negative impacts:

  • Delayed payouts: in most cases, personal accident insurance payouts me be overdue. This can be specifically challenging for recipients who need the money to meet all medical expenses or other costs related to their injury.
  • Prohibitions: personal health insurance in Brazil usually have exclusions, which means that some types of accidents and injuries may not be treated. Recipients should be aware from this that they are fully secured.
  • Perplexing policies: personal accident insurance in Brazil can be hard and difficult to understand. Recipient may not comprehend completely what is covered or not in policy which can lead to variances with company. 
  • Highly premium: this kind of insurance premiums can be costly in Brazil, specifically for policies that gives high levels of treatment. This can be a financial hindrance for recipient specially having low income.
  • Claim progression: this claim process for personal accident insurance can be complex and hard in Brazil. Recipients may face postponements in getting relaxation or have claims refused, that can be stressful and irritating.
  • Overreliance on Insurance: some individuals may grow into over-reliant on personal accident insurance, leading them to take risks or fail to take suitable security. So insurance should not be a supplement for approachable risks.

Health Insurance in Brazil

In Brazil, there are two major types of health insurances: Public health insurance and Private Health Insurance.

Public Health insurance in Brazil is given by Unified health system named as SUS. SUS is a funded health care system by public that gives free health services to all Brazilian residents. These services involve primary care, emergency care, hospitalization and special kind of treatment. The SUS was created in 1988 with help of Brazilian Constitution. SUS is sponsored by taxes of federal government with municipal government and it is the biggest health care system in world. This system also gives vaccines free of cost to patients.

Public health Insurance have some following features:

  • Comprehensive care: SUS gives a broad range of health care services like preventing care, free advices, surgeries and emergency assistance.
  • Universal Coverage: SUS gives free healthcare services to all residents, without any discrimination of social status and income level
  • Integrated administration: SUS is managed by ministry of health which makes policy and rules for system that gives subsidy to states.
  • Regionalization: SUS is systematized into regional health that are receptive for giving health care services at local and minor level.
  • Participation and responsibility: SUS promotes public contribution in health administrative and has proper structure for policy holders.
  • Reorganized system: SUS is authorized into decentralized health systems at state and municipal levels, each of these levels are receptive to give many sides of cares.
  • Health promotions: public health insurance also focuses on health promotions and disease defensive activities such as vaccination programs, health awareness, and community reaching.
  • Supplementary health insurance: Brazilians select to buy supplementary health insurance to complement the services gave by SUS. These plans give services like surgeries and cosmetic procedures.

Private health Insurance in Brazil

Private health insurance in Brazil is an option for individuals who wants to get private healthcare services. Private health insurance plans can be get from many insurance companies that provides huge levels of coverage like surgeries, advices, and tests. The expenses of private health insurance plans can vary in Brazil depends upon different features such as age of individual, health condition of recipient, treatment level and location of recipient.

Private health insurance in Brazil having some given features:

  • Optional add-ons: some private health plans give discretionary add-ons, such as global coverage for existing situations which cannot cover under basic plans.
  • Flexibility to select providers: it is up to on selecting plans, private health insurance may permit individuals to select which health care plan they wanted to get according to their needs.
  • Diagnostic tests: private health insurance offers blood tests, X-rays, and ultrasounds, which can help doctors to diagnose and treat medical situations hurriedly.
  • Dental care: some private health insurance plans in Brazil also give dental care treatment involves routine care, cleaning and other dental procedures.
  • Government rules & regulations: private health insurance in Brazil is controlled by administration, confirming that policies considers some morals and giving some protections.
  • Supplementary services: some private health insurance plans give extra services such as dental, mental health care and well-being programs. These services may involves in plan gives for additional fee.
  • Cost-sharing: this kind of plan also gives cost-sharing measures, where the recipient pays all cost of healthcare services.
  • Supervisory oversight: private health insurance in Brazil is managed by National Health Agency (ANS) which sets some rules for coverage and care. The ANS also look over the financial condition of private health insurance companies and make sure with rules and regulations.
  • Waiting period: some plans may have low waiting period before medical services can be completed such as existing situations or maternity care.

Taxes on Health insurance in Brazil

In Brazil, health insurance is target to taxes named as ‘Tax on Services of Any Nature’. The tax rate vary according to state and city where the insurance is constricted, but usually ranges from 2 to 5 percent of premium. There are taxes on insurance premiums which are considered up to 5 percent on any type of insurance.

Individuals having health insurance may also eligible for tax assumption on income tax. The deduction is limited to some amount depends on recipient age. It is crucial to note that tax rules and regulations in Brazil may convert with passage of time and it is a sincere advice to get consultation with tax professional to get information about taxes.

Health Insurance Mandates in Brazil

In Brazil there are no special mandates requiring individuals and families to have health insurance. However Brazilian make sure all its residents the rights to get free care services and health insurance. Regardless of this surety, Brazilians take private health plans just to avoid from long waiting period for appointments and procedures.

Private health insurance plans must give coverage for list of services structured by ANS named as mandatory Coverage list. The mandatory coverage list comprises a broad range of services from advices to diagnosis diseases. This list is occasionally looked and modernized by ANS to check recent medical practices.

Despite the perfect health care system in Brazil, many people still are in effort to get some suitable healthcare due to problems with poor health insurance system. This is especially for those who depends on public system, a sit usually suffers from long waiting period and lack of sources.

Many individuals having low-income and those families having low-income in Brazil still have not approach to suitable health care system and affordable medication. This is the major issue in country where healthcare expenses can be high and people live in poverty. Some professions such as lawyers and doctors are needed to have professional responsibility insurance to security against illegal claims. There is no unique health insurance mandate in Brazil, there are some local mandates and needs for particular professions.

Approach to high quality healthcare in Brazil is usually limited by financial issues and trials faced by public healthcare system.  This can lead to magnificent differences in health department outputs. For these issues, Brazilian government use tools to access to healthcare services for low-income individuals.  For instance, the family health strategy program gives primary healthcare services to give communities best doctors brings physicians to rural, remotes and local areas where healthcare services are defective.


 In Conclusion Brazil has complex and hard healthcare system that involves both public and private system of health insurance providers. However cost of private health insurance vary according to health insurance providers. Overall, healthcare system in Brazil remain in promotion with efforts and struggle to improve quality and availability of healthcare services to all citizens without any discrimination of social status, race, color etc.

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