Private and Public Health Insurance in UK

Private and Public Health Insurance in UK

The National Health Service named as public system was founded in 1946 and considered for public health care zone in UK. While the private health insurance system in UK is optional and worked for individuals. All UK residents are bound to use National Health Service without any cost. This involves admittance to different hospitals and other medical services.

Private Health Insurance in UK

Private Health Insurance is bought by individuals or by single person for getting benefits. Usually it covers the expenses of private medical coverage like sessions with doctors, diagnostic tests and stays in hospital. Private Health Insurance can be high- cost as it often look as a luxury products compared to National Health Service. Private health insurance in UK gives variety of benefits and services that National Health Service may not give such as firmest access to specialized doctors, private rooms in hospitals and optional procedures. It also gives benefits like a short waiting period for treatment, but it can be expensive and cannot cover all medical expenses.

Private Health Insurance policies can differ highly in regards of their costs and output. Some policies just gives some coverage while others provide inclusive treatment. Many Private Health Insurance policies need payment on monthly and yearly based. The yearly payment depends upon different factors such as coverage period, the age and health condition of individual and his pre-existing medical reports. Private Health Insurance policy gives welfare like Private hospitals, private room and clinics, short waiting period for test and surgeries, different types of treatment and coverage like drugs that National Health Service does not give.

The cost of Private Health Insurance policy is not auxiliary in regards of National Health Service. It may have some margins and conditions for different type of treatments. Before buying the private Health insurance, the individual should consider all terms and conditions of policies, all pros and cons of policies.

Benefits of Private Health Insurance in UK

Private health insurance in UK gives a variety of benefits, like:

  • Fastest access to medical treatment: With private health insurance, you can skip long waiting period like National health services and can get medical coverage instantly.
  • Selection of hospitals and Doctors: private health insurance permits you to select from where you want to get your treatment and you doctor according to your preference.
  • Quick access to coverage not available by NHS: private health insurance can give reaching to all treatments that NHS don’t give such as different kind of therapies, experimental coverage and all treatments regarding drugs.
  • Adorable facilities: private hospitals and clinics often gives such adorable facilities like private room with attach washroom, other facilities like Wi-Fi, TV room service etc.
  • Short waiting period: Private Health insurance gives medical care on urgent basis just kipping long waiting times for diagnostic reports and treatments like CT scans, MRI etc.
  • Additional Support: private health insurance policies involves extra services like peace of mind, free counseling, dental and optical care.
  • Reduced financial burden: private health insurance plan assist in lowing the financial burden of all medical treatments. You have option of claiming back the expenses of treatments, tests and others.

Defects on Private Health Insurance in UK

As private health insurance have some benefits, there are also having some negative features to consider:

  • Expensive: private health insurance can be costly, premium offers can be increase over time. Some policies offer co-payment options. So it can be unaffordable for those people having low income.
  • Menace of Over-treatment: private health insurance hearten over-treatment just to increase their fees. They suggest some extra tests and procedures.
  • Effects on NHS: private health insurance can change assets and staff from NHS, which is already draining. This step can reduce the quality of care and treatment for NHS patients.
  • Limited accessibility:  private insurance policies don’t offer all kind of treatments, as it have some constraints. This kind of policies are not available to all people, just for those who have some existing medical treatments.
  • Ethical apprehension: some insured have ethical unease regarding private healthcare. As this policies can be complex for individuals they are unable to understand what they covered.

It is important to read all terms and conditions of Private health insurance policy before making any decision of buying it.

Public Health Insurance in UK

Public Health Insurance in UK is given by National health services (NHS). The NHS health care system supported by public funds that gives medical care to all UK inhabitants without any ability to pay. This system is highly appreciated as most comprehensive and suitable healthcare coverage in world.The NHS take their funds through common taxes and gives huge range of medical coverage like primary care, mental health concerns and hospital services. Public health insurance gives free of cost delivery along with certain services such as prescription, dental services. UK inhabitants can get all these services just by visiting hospitals or through General Practitioner.

No doubt NHS is funded by public but it also have options for those want to pay extra healthcare charges. A majority of UK inhabitants depends on NHS for health coverage. Public health insurance also provides health coverage such as vaccination and health services campaigns for getting improvement in health department of UK population. Here are some details about Public Health insurance:

  • Coverage: public health insurance gives broad range of healthcare coverage including hospital and practitioner services. Optical and dental services also given by this insurance policy.
  • Suitability: for getting NHS services, individual should be inhabitant of UK. This involves UK citizens, settled status, having short time visas in shape of legal status.
  • Waiting Period: NHS tends to give health services to all people, waiting time period can change according to demand of coverage and services.
  • Challenges: NHS goes through different trails like funding and staff challenges, which have required a long time period to solve and reduce reaching to all health coverage. The Covid-19 virus also have hard impact on NHS especially in terms of resources.

Benefits of Public Health insurance in UK

Public health insurance provides a wide range of benefits, like:

  • Maternity Care: public Health care gives maternity care involves parental care, birth of child, neonatal care and others.
  • Emergency and Preventive care: public health service gives emergency and preventive care services involves, cancer screening, vaccination, mental illness without their ability to pay.
  • Access to technology and Equipment: public health service policy gives an availability to medical technology and all required equipment that may not be affordable in private health insurance policy.
  • Health outcomes: public health insurance policy display the improvement in patient’s health specifically in case of cancer, heart issues and tumor etc.
  • Social Interconnection:  public health insurance policy is a sign of Identity and proud in UK. It encourages sense of social interrelation, by giving equal access to all healthcare services for all Inhabitants without considering their background.
  • Most Economical: health population gives more productive addition to economy. By keeping people healthy public health insurance helps to sponsor economic development.

Negative Effects of Public Health Insurance in UK

Along with some positive points, public health insurance have some defects, like:

  • Long Waiting period: public health policies often required long time period for medical treatments such as in case of surgeries, tumors and in some other cases.
  • Sustainability problem:  public healthcare policy may become unmaintainable over time as health expenses increase and urge more increment in this regard like higher taxes.
  • Inefficiency and multifarious: there is chances of bureaucracy and uselessness. Public health insurance system can be complex and can be in need of authoritative overlook, which may suspensions in delivery of health services.
  • Limitations: public health insurance gives limit selection for patients. While the system is built to provide health services to all. Patients may unable to select their doctors or hospital or having no reach to treatment and special procedure.

Demand of Medical Services in UK

The demand of medical services is determined by several factors, involves such as, aging inhabitants, chronic diseases like heart issue, diabetes and mental illness are on peek. The aging inhabitants is major factor of healthcare demand in UK. As people getting ages, they are required more medical services and care for long time and increasing chronic diseases further taking part in medical services. There are also high demand for health care services due to Covid-19, with pursuing testing, vaccination and coverage. This demand for medical services have become hard for healthcare assets always resulted in long time waiting. High investment required for NHS and in healthcare structure and technology to making some improvement in health coverage. Advances in technology also helps to increase urge for medical services such as new coverage, diagnostic tests, medical equipment but all these also a source of high cost in medical services.

According to NHS, the number of patients in United Kingdom rises from 118 million to 120.8 million in 2019-2020. Almost 1 in 4 adults facing mental health problems each year in UK. Number of mental health cases increased by 40 percent over last span.

Tax Policy towards Health Insurance in UK

In United Kingdom, there are no tax on health insurance premium funded by Individuals. It means individuals have not to pay any extra fee or tax while buying health insurance policy. However, there are some kinds of health insurance policies that are substance to a Tax such as Insurance Premium Tax. It is a tax on common premium involves those health insurance policies like dental and optical care, surgeries and other medical coverage. The present rate of this tax in UK is 12 percent total. This tax is given by insured and can be pass through greater premiums.

Insurance premium tax is not same as National health services tax, which is distinct tax to fund the NHS. All UK inhabitants have reaching to National Health Services by giving common taxation and free of cost. It means everyone who pays taxes on healthcare and everyone is permitted to take medical coverage without any payment.

With tax perspective, there are different policies that have impact on health insurance. For instance, individuals having private health insurance able to claim tax release on their costs.

There is a policy towards Health Insurance in UK, which also named as Private Medical Insurance (PMI). Tax policy for PMI is as follows:

  • The current rate for this tax is 12 percent.
  • If employer pay tax on value of PMI, it also named as benefit in Kind.
  • If employer pay this tax on his salary based, then he is not bound to pay on value of PMI.

It is not possible to skip tax policy regarding healthcare insurance in UK, as it is a legal act to pay tax on expenses of health insurance. But there are some steps to manage the expense of health insurance policy tax:

  • Select a higher surplus: it means you will pay more before insurance coverage, but after buying it can reduce all cost of health insurance policy.
  • Group Policy: taxes pay in form of group policies are most affordable as compared to individuals.
  • Health-saving account: a tax-beneficial account that can be used to pay medical costs involves health insurance premium.
  • Take restricted hospitals list: some health insurance policies have list of restricted hospitals where you can get coverage. Select a policy with this feature that can contain more than one hospitals.


Health insurance policies in United Kingdom gives peace of mind and many kinds of health services. It is necessary to understand all terms and conditions of policy before making decision to opt any policy. Individual should check all conditions of policies to meet their requirements in case of health coverage. Furthermore, it is crucial to stay tuned about any variations in taxes, laws, rules and regulations that can affect healthcare insurance policies. By getting professional counseling, it may assist you in investigating the complications of health insurance policy and tax related. Having health insurance can help to take control of your health and well-being as healthy population is productive source to increase economical development.

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