Psychological Issues in Pakistan

Pakistan faces a lots of psychological issues, involving high levels of anxiety and stress, trauma, depression and hypertension. There are many factors that contribute to these issues involving poverty, natural disasters, terrorism and gender inequality.

There are many myths regarding mental illness. People with psychosis are shunned as violent. Moreover, it is supposed that mental disorders are spreadable, which means that the evil spirits of the patients can distress people who interact with them.

Causes of Psychological Problems in Pakistan

There are several factors contribute to risk for psychological issues, such as:

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is one of the existing causes of mental problems in Pakistan. Women are often considered as “unrestricted property” and are subjugated. Unhealthful and unsafe environments in Pakistan are prevalent, heartening men to view fragile women as an easy target.


Unemployment is one of those causes of mental problems in Pakistan that cannot be neglected. Due to Pakistan’s 60% illiteracy rate, the majority face a perplexing task to meet both ends. The job market has become so intricate that the 40% population that is even literate either do not find a job so little to fulfill their financial needs, which makes them anxious or burnt out.

If we look at Pakistani youth, we realize that unemployment is not causing a mental disorder in adults but in youth also. They are asked for skill, but how to bring many years of work practice when they are renewed grads. Even if they are employed by some enterprises, the sound work and how they are treated as a low-level employee make them psychologically bizarre.

Pandemic in the Form of COVID-19

Apart from tarnishing the physical health of people, COVID-19 has also ruined them passionately and mentally. Many people have lost their jobs. They see their relatives dying in depressed conditions and much more. No matter how hard people try to switch their thoughts, the truth is, they cannot stop their minds from rational fixed thoughts, stressing them out further.

Experiencing Discrimination

Definite situations give men an unfair benefit over women. Numerous private and public productions have illegal contracting limitations for women since it is widely assumed that they will either get married and leave or take motherhood leave. Due to this discernment, women are not only depressed of many chances but also become mentally ill.

The foremost problem is girls are reflected as somebody’s control, whereas males are deliberated a strength to parents’ well-being. As a result, boys are well-educated, well-fed, and given importance. While women are usually the last ones to eat in most families and poorer families, they may not obtain enough food to fill their stomachs in many cases. This perception badly impacts their mental well-being.

Child Labor

The low socio-economic situation of Pakistani families is one of the main aims that push the children to work. Many times, they are not even salaried. Children involved in labor-related works do not find a chance to grow psycho-social health. Child labor reasons many physical dangers to a child’s health, but the most worsening effect is psychological.

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